How we can help

The Trustee Act 2000 outlines the duties and obligations of trustees. The rules apply to trusts, regardless of when they were established. Given this level of responsibility, professional advice is essential.

Our approach with trustees is the same as with private clients: we work hard to identify your aims, goals and objectives. Once this process is complete, we will design and implement your investment strategy.

Standard Investment Criteria

Trustees must consider standard investment criteria when managing a portfolio:

  1. Diversification

    The Trustee Act 2000 requires all trustees to pay attention to the diversification of their investments. We will ensure that your portfolio is spread across different asset classes.

  1. Suitability

    Trustees must ensure that their investments remain suitable. We will pay close attention to your investment criteria and aims. We will also ensure that risk is managed appropriately.

  1. Review

    Trustees are required to review and vary their investments. We will help you fulfill this requirement by carrying out regular documented reviews that will ensure your portfolio remains on track.

Trustee Investment Service

Our Trustee Investment Service enables trustees to comply with their statutory obligations. We help trustees demonstrate that they have taken and considered appropriate advice. Trustees are also able to prove that they have a suitable investment strategy, have regular reviews and have diversified their assets appropriately.